• China 30·60 Seminar Series: ESG – Importance of the E

    Join us for this year’s kickoff of the China 30.60 series and find out more about ESG and the Importance of the E.

  • Beijing

    Maurice Lauber is new Managing Director of German Centre Beijing

    Maurice Lauber is the new Managing Director of the German Center Beijing.

  • Beijing

    IWD breakfast event: Women in management positions

    Nehmen Sie mit uns an unserem Frühstücks-Networking-Event am 8. März teil und erleben Sie einen Vormittag der Stärkung.

  • Beijing

    Review: Main Changes of the New China Company Law

    Sebastian Wiendieck, lawyer and partner of Roedl & Partner China, shed lights on the key changes of the new Company Law and shared recommendations for action to companies.

  • Singapore

    Budget & Bites: Understanding the 2024 Singapore Budget with Luther

    Join us and Dr Maximilian Kressner & David Martiny for an insightful morning at the Budget & Bites event at German Centre Singapore.