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Best practices for sustainable development in the building industry

The last seminar of the China 30.60 decarbonization series in 2023 focused on green factories and buildings. as they are among the most decisive factors to achieve decarbonization goals and mitigate the impacts of climate change. Demonstrating a growing commitment towards sustainable development, both green factories and green buildings are in line with China’s objective of reaching carbon neutrality until 2060. There is a huge potential for improvement and hence a big market potential in this segment.

This German Centre & AHK Greater China seminar provided an overview about the status quo and showcased examples for green facilities.

Heating solutions and sustainable construction

Stefan Bott from Vaillant delved into “The way to green HVAC solutions”. He outlined the vision of fostering a better climate, explored conventional heating/ cooling solutions in China, and showcased the positive impacts of green HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) solutions on comfort, health, and climate. Real-world use cases illustrated the practical application of these eco-friendly solutions.

Christian Trieb from Kaiser Construction addressed “Sustainable Factory Construction in China”. His presentation covered the building life cycle of factories, associated costs, planning and construction of environmentally friendly facilities, and detailed examples and case studies of “Green Factories”. The discussion extended to the comparison of Brownfield vs. Greenfield situations in China, offering a future perspective on the holistic vision versus feasibility today.

Both speakers emphasized the crucial role of green solutions in benefiting not only the environment but also long-term corporate success. By prioritizing eco-friendly practices, employing energy-efficient technologies, and reducing waste, green factories contribute to lower operational costs, improved resource efficiency, and an enhanced corporate image. Similarly, green buildings embrace sustainable designs and construction methods, leading to energy conservation and environmental responsibility.

The keynote speeches were followed by a Q&A round further highlighting the importance of a change towards green factories and buildings.

A huge thank you goes out to the speakers of this seminar.

  • Stefan Bott, Program Director Asia Pacific at Vaillant Group (China) Heating, Cooling and Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Christian Trieb, Deputy General Manager at Kaiser Construction Co., Ltd.

and all participants.

This seminar is part of the seminar series China 30.60, organized by German Centre Beijing and AHK Greater China.

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