China’s revised law – manage your liability as company manager

  • End: 6:00 pm

Gain insight into the significant changes of liabilities for China company managers

Join us for an insightful training designed to help China company managers to navigate the significant changes coming to China’s legal landscape! From March 1, 2024, the revised Criminal Law and, from July 1, 2024, the revised Company Law will impose significantly increased liabilities on company managers and directors in China.

In this training, you will be hearing from Ralph Koppitz, German attorney-at-law & partner of Rödl & Partner China, and gain the knowledge you need to understand and manage these new liabilities effectively.

What you will learn:
  • Your expanded duty of loyalty and diligence
  • Your new director obligations, including to check shareholder capital contributions, and your obligations during company liquidation
  • The changes in the revised Criminal Law especially applicable to directors, managers, and normal employees and your related potential criminal risks
  • The strengthened information rights of your shareholders
  • The strengthened rights of your shareholders to enforce damage claims against managers and directors
  • How your potential liability as China manager, director, or legal representative can be validly reduced, e.g., in your labor contract / your director’s contract
  • Your new compensation right as director in case of an early dismissal)

Speaker: Ralph Koppitz, German attorney-at-law & partner of Rödl & Partner China

Ralph Koppitz, German Attorney-at-law, Partner of Rödl & Partner China

Ralph Koppitz is a partner of Rödl & Partner. He has been working in China for more than 25 years. Ralph advises German and other international companies on their business activities in China. Key areas are corporate law, M&A, contract and employment law. He also supports foreign NGOs operating in China. Ralph is a German lawyer.