Navigating the Revised China’s Company Law

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The German Centre Beijing, together with Rödl & Partner and CNBW held a hybrid seminar last Friday on navigating the Revised China Company Law.

Significant implications for companies operating in China

As discussed during the seminar, the revised law has significant implications for companies operating in China, necessitating adaptations for both domestic and foreign-invested entities. Of particular importance to foreign-invested companies is the alignment of the revised law with the expiration of a five-year adjustment period under the Foreign Investment Law by the end of December 2024. This underscores the urgency for compliance and proactive measures.

Key changes and recommendations for action to meet the implementation date Dec. 31, 2024

Sebastian Wiendieck, lawyer and partner of Roedl & Partner China, provided valuable insights during the seminar, highlighting key changes in the new Company Law. These include revised capitalization rules, organizational form, structure, participation of employee representatives, rules for share transfers, liabilities of senior management, and formalities. Additionally, Sebastian outlined a series of recommendations for what companies can do to meet the implementation date 31 December 2024.

You can download the seminar presentation by clicking below.

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