China 30·60 Seminar Series: ESG – Importance of the E

  • End: 5:00 pm

Join us for this year’s kickoff of the China 30.60 series and find out more about ESG and the Importance of the E.

The environment is a crucial component of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) considerations, especially in China. With its extensive manufacturing industries, China faces significant environmental challenges such as air and water pollution, soil contamination, and climate change. These challenges not only affect public health but also pose risks to companies’ long-term operations and financial performance. Therefore, investors and stakeholders are increasingly paying attention to environmental factors when evaluating a company’s ESG performance in China.

In this session of our 30.60 event series our two speakers DHL and PwC will introduce their work in this area, including their efforts in ESG reporting and related areas. This seminar also offers an overview about the status quo of the development of ESG in German companies in China.


15.45-16.00: Registration
16.00-16.20: Sustainability trends in China and globally, a landscape shaped by consolidating standards
Mr. Qing Ni, ESG Markets Leader, PwC China

16.20-16.40: DHL Group’s ESG Initiative in China
Ms. Elaine Chen, Vice President, Corporate Public Affairs, DHL Group

16.40-17.00: Q&A by the audience

Registration will close at 12PM, Apr 25th.

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