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China Medtech

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This is the download area for documents related to the seminar series “China MedTech 2023 – Opportunities for Innovative German Solutions in China’s Fast-growing MedTech Market”.

The series introduces the latest trends in the dynamic and innovative MedTech sector with insights from top industry innovators and thinkers. It is designed for German companies in China and their headquarters in Germany, businesses from MedTech sectors in Germany, as well as industry and business associations. A particular focus is on small and medium-sized enterprises.

Digitization in Medtech

China MedTech

Digitalization in MedTech

happened on 19 Oct 2023

  • PwC Strategy& Ltd.
    Digital transformation of life care systems

  • Ottobock
    Improving end user experience through digitalization in assistive devices

Miniaturization in Medtech

Miniaturization in Medtech

Tiny Devices with great Significance

happened on 8 JUNE 2023

  • Miniaturization – not only – in Medical Engineering
    Rainer Kaltschmidt, Fraunhofer ENAS

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