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Big impact on the medical landscape in China

It was all about digitalisation in this hybrid seminar, hosted by German Centre Beijing. Digitalisation is changing the MedTech landscape in China. It is empowering patients, leading to a more patient-centric approach. Digital health apps and platforms enable patients to access health information, book appointments, and order medications online. The collection and analysis of healthcare data have become more sophisticated. AI and machine learning are transforming various aspects of the MedTech landscape in China. The use of digital technology has led to the rapid growth of telemedicine services in China.

Companies are offering more and more digital and intelligent solutions to profit from significant opportunities in the Chinese market. William Zhang and Matthias Kittler introduced how PwC China and Ottobock are digitising their products and processes.

William Zhang focused primarily on the new vision of life care in China, future direction, impact on business models, and new applications. The presentation describes how digital solutions change healthcare, continued by an explanation of PwCs future LIFEcare system and how their focus will shift from disease care to ‘wellcare’. He ended his part of the presentation with best practices and how to prepare for the future regarding this topic. As case studies he presented digitalizing early screenings, therapeutics care with game therapy and AI driven smart devices.

The future of assistive devices

Matthias Kittler presented how digitising assistive devices improves the experience of end users, especially when looking at the aspect of customising prosthetics and orthotics. Mr. Kittler also elaborated on Ottobock’s digital manufacturing iFab and their focus on establishing different platforms in the healthcare sector, with that he depicted the importance of engagement and what the future of healthcare could look like. Lastly, he ended his part of the seminar with challenges and opportunities Ottobock is facing regarding the topic of digitalisation.

A great example of fast industry growth are MIS technologies. Surgery tends to be more and more minimally invasive, and the market scale of MIS instruments is constantly expanding. B. Braun is following an integrated approach to remain a leading MIS provider in a more competitive market environment. Key success factors are not only latest technologies and highly innovative products, but much more: Deng shared great examples of best practice strategies such as launch excellence, brand exposure in various communities, KOLs advocation, or the development of education platforms like the Digital Aesculap Academy China

A huge thank you goes out to the speakers of this seminar:

  • William Zhang, Partner at PwC Strategy & Ltd.
  • Matthias Kittler, Director Business Development and Strategy at Ottobock China

and all participants.

This seminar is the last part of the seminar series China MedTech 2023, organised by German Centre Beijing.

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