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Turnkey Offices

AHK Greater China in Beijing let German Centre Beijing take care of their interior office equipment. It started with a detailled specification, and ended with the handover of the keys for a modern, functional and high quality office space. What is included in a „turnkey office“?

Modern Workplace

Turnkey Office Spaces at German Centre Beijing

Office space design can be a key factor for companies to attract talent, boost productivity and make workspaces an enjoyable place for employees to thrive and perform at their best. Ideally, you want to create a flexible workplace that meets diverse requirements – providing a pleasant environment to collaborate and communicate, as well as allowing people to focus and concentrate whenever needed.

Economical and efficient

Your new office: individual, flexible and state-of-the-art

Our turnkey offices spaces provide flexible solutions for a successful workplace transformation – rethink the way you work! We hand over your office ready to use with all agreed services. During the entire furnishing phase, one of our experienced employees will be at your side as a competent contact person.

Planning and creating a new office space can be very exciting but it’s also a challenging task and a big commitment: Including the selection of suitable service providers and suppliers, concept development based on individual requirements, application for construction permits and ensuring compliance with building and safety regulations, on-going communication and coordination with different parties, and more.

That’s where the German Centre comes into play. Our solution to make things easier: Turnkey office spaces. Deal with our experienced German Centre colleagues as a single point of contact to design and build a new office space customized to your individual requirements. We will take care of the whole project in every aspect, creating a fully equipped turnkey office space for you. Meanwhile, you can fully focus on your main business.

The German Chamber of Commerce, AHK Greater China, decided to go with this service, provided by German Centre Beijing, in order to transform their workspace into a 675 sqm office with about 80 work stations. The modern concept meets all demands for an activity-based workspace. It enables the chamber and their guests to work in a suitable and pleasant environment.

Our turnkey offices spaces provide flexible solutions for a successful workplace transformation – rethink the way you work!

Jochen Tenhagen

The AHK office follows an open concept with a bright and friendly interior. The office space features various focus rooms, meeting rooms, a kitchenette and breakout areas, where employees and guests meet. The whole setup is supported by smart technologies. This provides high flexibility and ensures the right set-up for a broad range of tasks, that require different types of energy and inputs, e.g. lighting, air-conditioning or communication. The bright and welcoming workplace is the new base for AHK to promote and advance Sino-German business cooperation, and support their 3,100 members’ business interests in China.

Success Stories

These clients are at home with us

ZwickRoell SE: 25 years of success in Asia

25 years ago, ZwickRoell chose German Centre Singapore as their base to enter the Asian market. Today they are a worldwide innovation leader in materials testing.

Alxedo: a German clean tech start-up in Mexico

Alxedo is creating the world’s first digital ecosystem of water. Read more about how the two founders prepared their market entry in Mexico.

Recycling in Mexiko

German Centre Mexico has been the point of contact and starting point for German companies who want to take advantage of the business potential of the Mexican market since 2001. Currently, German companies are among the main supporters of the circular economy of the country.

AHK Turnkey Offices

The AHK Greater China in Beijing decided to have its office expanded by the German Centre Beijing. At the beginning there was a detailed needs analysis, at the end the team took over the key for a modern, functional and high quality office. What services are included in the "turn-key office"?

Life Science Incubator

What began as a joint idea of the Waldner Group from Wangen im Allgäu and the German Centre Singapore is now a state-of-the-art and fully equipped cowoking laboratory including an operating room on 1,000 square meters. What is driving the 30 or so companies from the life science industry to get behind such an innovative project?