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io-consultants Pte Ltd

io-consultants Pte Ltd is an independent consulting and planning company, specializing in functional industrial planning, process optimization and facilities design.

  • Industrial Engineering Design | Automation Consultancy Services

About io-consultants Pte Ltd

io-consultants Pte Ltd, based in Singapore, serves as the regional headquarter of io-consultants GmbH & Co. KG, located in Heidelberg (Germany). Together, io-consultants has successfully completed more than 10,000 projects worldwide.
io-consultants specializes in process re-engineering, material flow and information systems related to processes in various industrial sectors. These include Food & Catering, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Logistics.

io-consultants’ highly qualified workforce, with 65 years in Germany and 27 years in Asia, of both specialized and inter-disciplinary experience behind them, helps Clients to improve their competitive position. Our substantial knowledge and experience enables us to provide integrated planning services for complex and large-scale projects.