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Theben Asia Pte Ltd

The experts for presence detectors, sensors,time switches, KNX building systems software technology and much more. Theben Asia have a long established footprint with sales presence in Asian countries.

    About Theben

    Welcome to Theben: The European experts for motion detectors, time switches, KNX building systems software technology and much more.

    We at Theben Asia have a long established footprint of over 10 years in Asia, and a successful track record of supplying high reliability and quality products to critical governments facilities, car parks, airports, data centres, industrial plants, logistics centres, schools, mega high rise buildings throughout Asia.
    From the Zhuhai Airport in China, to the iconic Merdeka 118 Tower and Ascott Star Residences in Kuala Lumpur, to the Park Hyatt in Jakarta and government offices in Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore – you will find us there faithfully giving you energy saving comfort and ensuring great lighting effects indoors or outdoors.

    Behind each and every one of our products and systems is the idea of only using energy when it is absolutely necessary: whether it be an automatic light control with presence and motion detectors or LED spotlights, light control with dimmer and staircase time switches or climate control with KNX actuators, CO2 sensors and room thermostats. We call this energy saving comfort
    Our phone apps gives you control over the building’s appliances, lighting and HVAC systems – ideal also for smart home solutions.
    The LUXORliving smart home system from Theben can now also be controlled and administrated online via the Theben cloud. The BSI-certified data centre in Germany guarantees maximum data security and reliable protection against tampering.All you need for this is the LUXORplay app, via which you can control the LUXORliving functions can using remote access via the Theben cloud and monitor current statuses.

    We are here to serve you: Available in Asia – China, Indonesia, India, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Vietnam and more…