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Avecris is developing the next generation of gene therapy and genetic vaccination using their innovative DNA delivery platform.

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About Avecris

Avecris is developing the next generation of gene therapy and genetic vaccination. Avecris’s innovative DNA delivery platform is capable of long-lasting gene expression, is redosable and tunable. Their cost-effective manufacturing system is cell-free, highly scalable and can produce high quality vectors in less than a day. Avecris believes that their decentralized approach of manufacturing and their programmable gene therapies will bring a paradigm shift in pandemic preparedness and global health.

Avecris is a spin-out of National University of Singapore (NUS) and is in operation since 2022. Amongst all the collaborations that Avecris has successfully made in a short period of time, the most notable one is with the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID). Avecris and NIAID are working together to advance the development of Avecris vector as a next generation genetic vaccination technology.

“We believe that Avecris has the potential to disrupt and replace the use of mRNA, a $100 billion market”

Avecris team Singapore

Avecris is located on the ground floor of German Centre, within their co-working lab space LSI (Life Science Incubator). Its first-class services, great network, and sustainable work environment are the reasons why the team likes to call the German Centre their “work home”.

Sushmita Poddar, Director Research & Development