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Leistritz S.E.A Pte Ltd

Our extruders, pumps, turbine components, precision tools and machine tools enable the creators in many industries to shape our world. In the present – and in the future.

  • Machinery & Equipment | Chemical Industry

About Leistritz

We are a German company with global operations that unite four business units- Turbine, Pump, Extrusion and Production Technology under Leistritz AG. We are based in Nuremberg and Singapore is our Asia Pacific regional office, Leistritz SEA Pte. Ltd. Since 1905, we have been dynamic, innovative and reliable partners, and have continued to establish ourselves and strive for a leading global technology market position in the key areas of our business operations.

Leistritz takes pride in providing high quality products and services to our valued customers across Asia Pacific. This is ensured through cutting-edge production facilities, employee training and quality assurance programs.

Leistritz extruders, pumps, turbine parts, precision tools, and machine tools help innovators in a variety of industries to shape our world. This includes industries in circular economy, plastics, chemicals, petrochemical, oil and gas and automotive production industries, etc. We provide our customers specialised solutions and services that offer higher quality and efficiency, in addition to our standard range of products. As a result, we are a reliable professional partner that helps to drive a better environment for future business through our solutions, products and services.