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Starkenburg connects businesses in Germany and Europe with companies in Singapore, India, Indonesia, and ASEAN for cooperation, joint ventures, mergers, or acquisitions.

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About Starkenburg

“In our experience, there is no successful merger without both sides coming together driven by the desire to make it work,” says Starkenburg founder A. Selvadurai Hallman. And he sees it as one of his major tasks to generate this desire. After more than 25 years of operating in New Zealand, Australia, Southeast Asia, Germany, and the EU, Hallman has identified the key factors which need to be considered in an international merger. It is often a clash in culture that causes the biggest problems because “many do not pay enough attention to the soft factors, when in fact they play into every other factor.”

Hallman knows that a sound strategy must start with highly specific expertise. To ensure this, he and his business partner Jutta Odenwaelder built a team of advisors, diverse and committed, with years of experience in different industries and countries. These experts are uniquely qualified to analyze the circumstances of each company and country and assist in developing a tailor-made merger strategy.

Starkenburg’s first-hand knowledge and personal relationships are real and hard-earned, and this, Hallman and Odenwaelder are convinced, makes the difference between a merger that looks good on paper and a merger that will work.

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A. Selvadurai Hallma, Founder and Managing Director