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Zero-Error Systems Pte Ltd

State of the art power reliability & data integrity in electronics.

  • Semiconductor Industry

About Zero-Error Systems

Zero-Error Systems (ZES) provides high-reliability semiconductor integrated circuits (ICs) and reliability testing services that enable higher functionality, lower cost, longer lifetime and higher power efficiency for space, automotive, aviation, robotics, IoT and other applications.

Errors in computing due to disruption of the logic state of a digital circuit occurs both in space and on earth as ionized particles are always present in our ambient. Studies also showed that the most common reason for space mission failures is related to lack of reliable power management. In addition, most state-of-the-art Commercial Off The Shelves (COTS) semiconductor devices are not design to work in space environment as they suffer permanent damage to the system when heavy ion strikes.

Based on many years of deep tech research, ZES has created concrete proprietary solutions implemented in semiconductor and system designs, to address these challenges, be it on earth or in space.