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The svt Group of Companies is globally recognised as a leading manufacturer and supplier in the field of passive fire protection.

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About svt

Based in Germany since 1969, the enterprise produces and delivers reliable fire protection solutions in the form of fire protection products, fire protection materials and fire protection systems to an ever increasing number of customers worldwide. With our brands PYRO-SAFE®, ROKU®, KERAFIX®, FLAMRO®, FLAMMADUR®, GEAQUELLO®, FLEXILODICE® and VENTILODICE® we boast Europe’s most extensive array of state-of-the-art fire protection products and industrial applications.

The svt Group of Companies has forged a strong network of partners all over the world. In 2017, svt Group created its svt Asia Pacific subsidiary, which is strategically located in the regional hub of Singapore. svt Asia Pacific is committed to providing our partners and clients in Asia Pacific with face-to-face support, customised solutions and centralised coordination with our engineering and production sites in Germany.

Our expertise is widely known in the region, which has enabled us to build a considerable track record of success. So if you, too, require fire protection products, fire protection materials, fire production systems, fire protection applications or reliable specialist information about fire protection planning, fire protection strategies or easy-to-install fire protection equipment – regardless of whether you work for customers in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan or Sri Lanka:

If you are looking for fire protection solutions that are user-friendly and engineered to match your needs, then we are the right partner for you!