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Ravensburger de México

Ravensburger is a German puzzle and board game company that has been in business for over 135 years. Over the years Ravensburger has become known for its attention to detail, durability and educational value.

  • Distribution of puzzles and board games

About Ravensburger

The first impression when hearing Ravensburger evokes classic jigsaw puzzles, however, the offer reflects a wide range of products and designs for all levels of difficulty with a focus on the whole family.

Our added value is creativity, imagination and learning through play, these values are communicated in each and every one of our products, ensuring the delivery of learning and the development of social skills, creating memories in every home, every school and every educational environment around the world.

Ravensburger is now available in Mexico! Not only with its classic jigsaw puzzles, but also with a differentiated line of products such as board games and construction sets that will be the perfect pretext to bring all Mexican families together and get them playing.