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Plansee South East Asia Pte Ltd

Plansee SEA is an international manufacturing sales company which specializes in Tungsten and Molybdenum products.

  • Machinery & Equipment | Semiconductor Industry | Electronics Industry

About Plansee South East Asia Pte Ltd

Our headquarter Plansee SE was founded since 1921, has been producing strong products made of the high-performance materials molybdenum and tungsten for 100 years. Our materials make the engineered world easier, safer, and better to live in.

Plansee is a world-leading manufacturer of components from molybdenum and tungsten. Whether in electronics, coating technology, or high-temperature furnaces, where regular metals reach their limits, the refractory metals, alloys, and composite materials from Plansee come into play.

As an innovation partner, together with our customers we develop sustainable solutions for the high-tech world and keep pushing the boundaries of what is technologically feasible.

Contact Person: Jeremy Kee, Managing Director Plansee South East Asia Pte Ltd