Company profile

OECHSLER Asia Holdings

OECHSLER, founded by Matthias Oechsler in Ansbach in 1864, is a high-tech company recognized as a leading innovator in polymer technology.

  • Plastics Industry


With seven strategically located production sites globally, including Romania, Mexico, Vietnam, and China, OECHSLER supplies diverse product portfolios to various industries, from high-precision technical individual parts to complex systems.

The company is an innovative partner for the automotive, healthcare, and sporting goods industries, providing solutions from ideation to global series production as a full-service provider that begins with product and process development and ends with global industrialization and series production.

The company’s extensive product portfolio ranges from free-falling parts to safety-relevant actuators in the automotive industry. OECHSLER is specialized in polymer injection molding, powder injection molding, additive manufacturing, and actuator technologies.