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Givex Singapore

Givex is a technology company offering clients a global reach with robust gift cards, omnichannel loyalty, analytics and cloud-based POS solutions. Givex is listed in Canada.

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About Givex

Givex is a technology company offering clients a global reach with robust gift cards, omnichannel loyalty, analytics, and cloud-based POS solutions. Givex has been established in 1999 and today Givex operates in over 55 countries, having processed over 16 billion transactions to date, across a wide array of industries.

Our Proven Platform is providing the tools that drive customer engagement and accelerate operational efficiency for our clients while generating the valuable and actionable data that is crucial to maintain a competitive advantage in today’s fast-moving economy.

Our history shows our pioneering spirit and associated milestones. However, the hard work and dedication of our employees to continue to make history is our proudest achievement.

Below are some Key milestones:

  • 1999 – Full e-Gift Program software developed

  • 2000 – First multi-unit customer – Kelsey’s International (Cara Operations)

  • 2001 – Fully integrated Stored Value Card program launched

  • 2002 – Loyalty Program launched (Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises)

  • 2003 – Electronic Coupon Engine

  • 2003 – Currency conversion for gift cards

  • 2004 – European office is opened in London, UK

  • 2007 – Givex launches Customer WebSuite

  • 2008 – Australian office is opened in Sydney, Australia

  • 2009 – South American office is opened in Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • 2009 – Asian offices are opened in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China

  • 2009 – Launched Uptix Stored Value Tickets for event venues and the sports industry

  • 2010 – In-house fulfilment facilities set up in North America (Mississauga, ON and Gurnee, IL)

  • 2011 – Launched Vexilor, our cloud-based tablet POS solution.

  • 2012 – Develops mobile wallet and SUN (Single Use Number) system for secure transactions

  • 2014 – Acquires Marqui CMS, a Content Management System to further enhance the online capability

  • 2015 – Acquires Paymentech gift card business, adding over 10,000 new client locations.

  • 2015 – Opens Dallas, TX office

  • 2017 – Givex Launches Tiqer our table-side ordering kiosk.

  • 2018 – GivexGo, Analytic reporting is launched

  • 2019 – Mexico City and Barcelona offices are opened. Acquires Easy Information Solutions in Mexico. Acquires Owen Business Systems in Canada. Acquires in Canada

  • 2021 – Completes go-public transaction and lists shares on TSX under the ticker symbol “GIVX” Acquires Pi Cash Systeme in Switzerland. Launches GivesPay our integrated payment solution powered by Adyen

  • 2022 – Trades on OTCQX under the ticker symbol “GIVXF” Acquires Loyalty Lane. Acquires Kalex Equipment Services. Acquires Counter Solutions in the UK.

Patrick Tan

5 years ago, I was tasked to find an office location in Singapore. From the ease of transportation, safety, and ready-to-move-in condition. German Centre makes a good choice with its global office’s presence which is aligned with Givex’s global branding too.

Patrick Tan, Managing Director South East Asia