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We are the only manufacturers with a direct presence in Mexico who offer full range of equipment for Materials Testing.
We provide solutions tailored to your requirements.

  • Industry 4.0/Machinery & Equipment/Plastics Industry

About ZwickRoell

We guarantee high precision in our applications for your company to test according to ISO, ASTM and other international standards.

  • Sale of equipment that offers precision, traceability, repeatability and reproducibility in any material testing.

  • Technical service, training, calibrations, maintenance, installation and modernizations.

  • Spare parts and accessories sale.

  • Personalized attention for Mexico and Central America.

Being part of the German Centre offers ZwickRoell the opportunity to be part of a professional, secure and collaborative environment that fosters innovation, growth and access to a wide network of industry connections.

Erwin Leitz, Managing Director  ZwickRoell, S.A. de C.V.