Company Profile


USPM produces high quality technical plastics, additives and detergents.

  • Plastics Industry


At USPM Plastics we seek to contribute to the success of our partners by combining our market experience and a large team of highly trained employees.

Our intention is to be your strategic partner in the supply of engineering resins, additives and purges.
We specialise in:

  • TPE and TPV(TPE – SEBS) resins.
  • TPU Resins (Polyester and Polyether based).
  • TPEE Resins (Co-polyester).
  • PA6, PA66, PA610 and PA12 resins.
  • PC resins and PC compounds.
  • POM resins.
  • Advanced and high density engineering composites.
  • P&P CREAM – high efficiency purge for difficult cleaning cases.