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Liebherr México

Liebherr Mexico is responsible for direct sales and service for cranes and construction machinery, including the supply of spare parts with its repair and maintenance service.

  • Sales and Service for cranes and construction machinery

About Liebherr México

The company is part of the Liebherr Group’s Cranes division and was established with the main objective of offering customers in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean a direct branch for the sale of machinery and spare parts, as well as the provision of technical service.

Liebherr Mexico was founded at the beginning of 2013 and currently employs 30 people.
Liebherr Mexico’s product portfolio includes mobile cranes, crawler cranes, draglines and drilling rigs. This extensive range of machinery for the construction, mining, infrastructure and power generation sectors supplies the market with specialised equipment for every project.

The cranes are operating in ports, airports, roads, bridges, refineries, wind farms and in private industry, as long as high tonnage is involved: the lifting range is between 30 and 3,000 tonnes.

The company imports all machinery and spare parts from Liebherr plants in Europe, mainly from Germany and Austria, and sells them domestically. A special focus is the technical support of the machinery, reinforcing the availability of personnel for maintenance and repairs, guaranteeing full operation on the construction sites that require it.