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Leister Tech Asia Pte Ltd

Under the Leister brand, we develop products for plastic welding and process heat applications. With our technologies we’re able to influence our market segment worldwide.

  • Plastic Welding

About Leister

Plastic Welding Products – The Leister product offering for plastic welding includes hot-air hand tools, extruders and welding machines, including a wide range of accessories for DIY and Industrial markets. In addition to the Leister brand, Leister Technologies AG also sells equipment under the WELDY brand name, which is also available as a private label.

Thanks to our more than 70 years of experience, we offer products and services that set standards in your respective fields of expertise. Whether you use Leister welding equipment for floor installations, roofing, landfills, tunnels, aquatics or other, you can rely on the innovative, durable and efficient Leister plastic welding products.

Leister, along with our more than 80 distributors, are nearby all over the world. We support your plastic welding needs in multiple applications: From flooring and roofing, to geomembranes, plastic fabrication and much more.
Industrial Heating and Laser Systems – Leister offers solutions with three different technologies for the industrial market: Hot air, infrared and laser. We cover a large part of industrial process heat applications and plastic joining applications.

Mark Mumenthaler

Leister Tech Asia Pte Ltd, subsidiary of the Swiss Leister Group is the youngest scion in the family. The German Centre is an excellent address and base to be closer to the Southeast Asian markets and customers to provide even better support in this region.

Mark Mumenthaler, Head of Business Development