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Ammerland Asia Pacific

Molkerei Ammerland eG is one of Germany largest and modern dairy companies founded 1885 as first german dairy cooperative with wide range of natural dairy products

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About Ammerland Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

As ASEAN sales office and a 100 % subsidiary of Molkerei Ammerland eG we belong to one of the leading dairies in Germany. With a tradition of more than 130 years our natural raw milk is processed into high quality dairy products in one of the most modern plants in Europe. The product range for the ASEAN export markets consists of cheese, milk, butter and dairy powders.

In order to provide our customers in Asia a wider range of high quality German dairy products we also represent exclusively Frischli Michwerke GmbH specialized on UHT treated and long-life milk and cream products. The product portfolio of Frischli adds up to be a wide complimentary product range which provides highest German quality to ASEAN markets.

Located in Singapore, the close proximity to our customers allows us to serve and develop markets together, react fast and flexible to meet market requirements.

Sergio Pulido

Sergio Pulido, Managing Director